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Billy Graham Library


West Charlotte

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Billy Graham Library: Hometown Tour

Choose this unique tour for your group, and spend the day learning about “North Carolina’s Favorite Son” and his hometown of Charlotte. Begin at The Billy Graham Library, where you will discover how a humble farmer’s son became pastor to presidents and shared God’s love with millions of people around the world. After lunch in the Graham Brothers Dairy Bar, you will head out for a tour around Charlotte,seeing some of the historic sites in the life of Billy Graham and his family, learning about the Queen City along the way.

Length of Experience: 4 1/2 hours
Group Size:
6−13 participants
To schedule tour, call C-Charlotte Tours at 704.517.6844.

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Janice Lynn Morse

a week ago

It's very inspiring, both spiritually and professionally. I love the videos and the bookstore. There is a place to pray, too. It's also fun! I love the talking cow, the snack bar, and the garden. Billy Graham's childhood home is beautiful! A great experience for the whole family! School groups, too!



a year ago

My favorite place to go on Saturdays or even after a rough day in the world. Brings peace back into your heart. When people dont realize they have such a beautiful place right in their back yard thats for free. I tell anyone I meet. The Billy Graham library is a place you can go and see the history of religion here in America through the Graham family eyes. Stay blessed and chosen.


Brent Presnell

6 months ago

Billy Graham was an amazing man who served an amazing God. A visit to his library will make you truly appreciate both. The man and his God. I especially enjoyed the section that showed clips from the many times he was on various popular talk shows and news programs. If I could only witness of my savior to a single person the way he did to these famous Hollywood types. It was obvious they were humbled by Billy and his open zeal for Christ. Billy entered the domains of the ungodly and caused them to consider Christ and their lives without HIM. No small feat to do for the common man but extraordinary to do to the rich and famous. Thank you, Billy for your great example to us and praise Jesus, my savior, the only begotten son of the one, true living GOD.


Ernie Thomas

9 months ago

Absolutely an amazing story of a family following the simple call of Jesus Christ to go and spread the good news that God so loved the world that he gave his son, Whoever believes in him shall have everlasting life. A journey that let God's message of peace and love to be shared around the world, and to 11 US Presidents. Well worth stopping by to visit...



9 months ago

We didn't even know this existed. It reminded us of the ark encounter or the creation museum in Kentucky. It's free and all the employees are some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet. I loved the walk through evangelical history through the ministry of Billy Graham.