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Savory Spice Shop’s Spice 101

Led by Spice Merchants of Savory Spice Shop, Spice 101 is an interactive workshop and tour that includes a general overview of spices, how to use and store them and cooking ideas for using the spices. Participants will sample a variety of spices during the class and take home new recipe ideas. Workshops are open to the public, with private events being offered
as well.

Length of Experience: 45 minutes

Group Size: 5−25 participants

Availability: Advance registration required. Contact 980.225.5419.

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Heather Curatolo

a month ago

Love Savory Spice in Charlotte North Carolina. Such a friendly staff and they have such an amazing array of different spices. I love that almost everything you buy they give you recipes and easy ways to use them. Such a great place to buy local gifts as well. Im definitely bringing all of my out of town visitors here!



6 months ago

What an exceptional place. I love coming into Savoy. The staff is always helpful. If you are looking to experiment or create a stable this place is wonderful. I love building my spice cabinet to create and cultivate unique dishes. The freshly milled spices help dishes come alive. The seasonings are color-coded, and they are lined up based on their specific use in geographical locations. So, now you don't have a reason not to try that amazing Indian dish or complex Asian fusion creation you saw on insta.


Tina Gale

a year ago

Wonderful place!! Customer service is great, they are always happy to share ideas about their spices. Tell you how to use and what's best for what foods. It's a small place but packed with lots of dining ideas. Bourbon chicken spice pack is so delicious. As well as their dip packs. Get on the frequent buyer to save money.


Julie Christman

a month ago

Very friendly and helpful staff. Love purchasing my spice and herb needs from these lovely ladies.


Chloe Rotz

6 months ago

Good spices with staff members who are always willing to answer questions for those who wanna know how to really make their food sing, prices are a bit high. They make up for that price by having the high quality products and staff members to back that up.