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Savory Spice Shop


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South End

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Savory Spice Shop’s Spice 101

Led by Spice Merchants of Savory Spice Shop, Spice 101 is an interactive workshop and tour that includes a general overview of spices, how to use and store them and cooking ideas for using the spices. Participants will sample a variety of spices during the class and take home new recipe ideas. Workshops are open to the public, with private events being offered
as well.

Length of Experience: 45 minutes

Group Size: 5−25 participants

Availability: Advance registration required. Contact 980.225.5419.

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Cindy L

11 months ago

My favorite spice shop ever! Where we live we have two local ones not even more than 3 miles away, it is my go to place for any spices. You can buy it by the jar or you can buy a jar and have it refilled when you run out. What I loved about this store is they had so many different local things that we dont carry at our stores. I loved all of the cooking gadgets. I WOULD recommend this place. So fun.


Madeleine Frederick

3 months ago

I understand of the virus situations..I goggled this store and while excited about cooking and getting healthy..I looked on goggle which posted closure at 6pm..upon arrival at 5:30 pm. I seen two women inside..I asked why are you closing? They rudely said come back tomorrow.. I traveled 40mins getting there..THEY WON'T GET MY BUSINESS !!!


nyruh weaver

a month ago

Would be 5 stars if they had the HICKORY SMOKE salt


Donald Butler

8 months ago

Great selection of fresh spices. Staff is helpful and knowledgeable. Usually get one spice on the recommendation of staff or the recipes placed with the spices. Be adventurous and try something different


Thane Hean

10 months ago

Very nice actually. You're allowed to smell a sample bottle of each product and the staff are proactive about explaining how it all works. Word of warning though, choose the ones to sample wisely of your nose buds will be over sniffed by the time you're half way through