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South End

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Savory Spice Shop’s Spice 101

Led by Spice Merchants of Savory Spice Shop, Spice 101 is an interactive workshop and tour that includes a general overview of spices, how to use and store them and cooking ideas for using the spices. Participants will sample a variety of spices during the class and take home new recipe ideas. Workshops are open to the public, with private events being offered
as well.

Length of Experience: 45 minutes

Group Size: 5−25 participants

Availability: Advance registration required. Contact 980.225.5419.

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Nancy Neville

3 weeks ago

If you only cook one meal a week you still have to visit this store. They have very fresh base spices (basil, oregano etc). They also have exotic spices Mexican, South American, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Indian and more). They also carry incredible spice blends that create incredible dishes with just a shake of the jar. Amaze your family and friends with great tasting meals. Very reasonably priced and super fresh. Can also find ingredients for cocktails. Its an Alice in Wonderland place. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new and amazing!!


Shawn Leo

2 weeks ago

I'm in love with savory spice! Even on a tighter budget, I shop at savory as the quality and cost is top notch. Always helpful staff, and ships to anywhere for free for orders over 35 bucks. Fantastic spices!!


Sky Broome

a month ago

Great selection with a wide variety of tasty blends for every palate. The staff was very helpful and completely willing to answer questions and make recommendations based upon need and preferences. An entire section of the store is solely dedicated to grilling, and there are regional combinations that highlight related flavor combinations and cooking styles. I'll be back!!


Drew Rumpf

2 weeks ago

The best boutique spice shop around! Their selection of herbs and spices is amazing! We definitely spend at least an hour looking at everything in there.


Diana Jordan

a month ago

Great place to try spices and blends from around the world. The people are friendly and helpful, the assortment excellent. Plus they can suggest recipes if you need a little help getting started.