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Victor Cortes

3 months ago

Loved it, the mall was more than I was expecting. The food court was a bit small for the size of the mall but had a good amount of places to eat. The mall itself was an adventure to go around. Will come back to finish my shopping experience. Alot of high end stores you won't easily find around. There is plenty of parking space available around the mall.


Aank Sandoval

9 months ago

It has enough parking lot, it has luxurious stores like Rolex and Louis Vuitton, tiny food court but delicious food, I think it has a variety of stores including the ones I like. They had a McLaren and also a Maserati.


Lis Sun Crandall

6 months ago

My husband has fond memories of South Park Mall as he frequented the mall growing up. I liked that the mall is clean and the architecture allowed natural light into the mall from the roof. The food court is a little small, but overall a pleasant place for fine shopping.


Shay B

a year ago

South Park has always been my favorite mall. It is always immaculate, beautifully decorated and offers a peaceful shopping experience. Unfortunately, it seems that the pandemic has had an effect on the supply of goods. The urge to buy just wasn't there this time as many of the goods found were things I could find elsewhere.


Virginia Bradley

11 months ago

This mall is high end. It was overly crowded. It is very bright and spacious. There is valet parking. Parking was atrocious. We took Uber to get here. I didn't get to wander the entire space because we had to pick someone up from the airport. We did stop to have a quick bite in the food pavilion. I expected more/better choices of foods. Panera was closest to good, healthy, fresh eats. There were quite a few attached restaurants and out parcels, but we didn't have that much time for them.... California Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, Flemings, and others. The place was bustling! You had masked people walking around and unmasked people. It seemed it was about even with the masks of those wearing them or not. It was wonderful people watching. Some of the cars left with the valet service were phenomenal! Some of them made us chuckle. People love to be seen... The parking lot needs upgrading. In some cities, like in Northern Virginia, they have a parking light availability system that informs you if there is parking on a particular level, space, or in the garage at all. It also lets you know where to go for open spaces too. Consider that to help patrons. From what I could see, it was a fun mall offering many options for shoppers. It's too bad I didn't get to fully enjoy it. I have been a few times before, but I really wanted to shop this time, but time did not permit. We were on a schedule that I was not privvy to know. Fun place! Go and enjoy! It takes quite a bit of time to see all it offers.