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Inner Peaks Climbing Center

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Scotty Gustafson

11 months ago

Great location with awesome climbing walls. As someone who doesnt have much experience, the process to rent gear, watch a short educational video, and to climb was all incredibly simple. Its certainly for all skill levels, and they have unassisted climbing walls where you just hook in and start climbing by yourself with the auto belay systems. My brother had his own belay devices so we tackled some other walls but there is tons of options to choose from. Staff was helpful and the facility was clean and a great place to spend an afternoon. Highly recommend!



9 months ago

This was so much fun! Staff was friendly and informative. It's a little pricey but I would go again. Really puts your strength to the test too!


Angel Rodriguez

5 months ago

I don't post too many 1 star reviews, but man this place was really disappointing. I think one of the most vital parts of climbing is the community. And this gym just lacked it. The staff at the front desk was the most rude people in general I had encountered. Like if I were a Karen it would have gone south real quick. But honestly, she was so rude to me and my group. Addressed me as if I were stupid, and even when I tried on shoes and knew there were too big (I'm a climber I know) she acted insulted for telling her I needed a smaller size different than what she gave me. That was only one of several bitter interactions she had with us. I would say the gym itself has a nice range of problems geared towards all levels, so that's nice. And they have top outs and other things some gyms don't have. Lastly, I am skeptical of the cleanliness because this is one of the worst smelling gyms. I know it's a gym, and I know how we climbers smell. But just about all the gyms I've been to including the super small ones in a garage basically have good ventilation and cleaning. This gym lacked both. Their rental equipment also looked sketchy. Would not recommend.


Jenny Hyde, née Stuart

4 months ago

Visited here while on vacation visiting family. Super fun and great staff! Had a good variety of boulder options (slabs, overhangs and I even found a couple traverse problems) and we had a lot of fun on the auto-belay routes as well. Definitely recommend filling out the waiver before hand since there is a thoroughly informative video you have to watch first.


Derek Farnsworth

4 months ago

I started rock climbing in ohio a year ago and went here for the first time. It was awesome. Those 60 foot walls that allow you to hang completely upside down at the top to cross between walls is amazing. I just wish I didn't live so far away. The staff was cool and helpful. It was extremely busy and they all worked together to corral the chaos and get everyone on the wall as fast as possible. While being aware of the need for safety