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Paddywax Candle Bar

From selecting a own candle vessel and artisan fragrance to placing wicks and melting wax, this team of professional candle gurus will lead a DIY workshop that will have your clients melting with excitement. Whether it’s creating a custom candle or perusing through the beautifully curated retail space, Paddywax Candle Bar offers a great addition to any stay in the Queen City.

Length of Experience: Approximately 1 hour

Group Size: Up to 24 participants

Availability: Reservations can be made by visiting or by calling 704.497.6099.

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Taylor Anglin

9 months ago

Really cool experience! I was traveling solo and looking for things to do and found Paddywax. I've never made a candle before so this was fun to try. It was really easy, I expected it to be more involved. I just picked a candle jar, a scent and measured everything and poured the candle. They melted the wax for me. $40 seemed a bit much to make my own candle, but I still enjoyed it. They also gave me 20% off purchasing other items. I do wish they had more or better scents. I really only liked the one I chose. Other than that, I had fun.



a year ago

I had the most incredible time! I am so glad I carved some time out of my schedule to do this. The staff is so awesome. Allison and Molly were there for me every step of the way. First I chose a lovely vessel. I went with one that can be used as a planter after my candle is used up. Or if you prefer, you can bring back your vessel and they will refill the candle for a small price. You go to the wall of scents and pick one out. They all smell so nice. Its hard to pick just one. They bring hot wax to you. where you pour and make your own candle on a lovely tray. Then mix it up with your scent and voila you have yourself a handmade Paddy Wax candle that you personally made. What a great personalized gift this could make for the holidays and Valentines Day. If I could give this Candle bar more than five stars I would!


Regina Osborne

10 months ago

This was an impromptu outing on a Wednesday afternoon at 3pm. It's in such a great location tons of restaurants in aderie's and public art spaces just visually especially stunning and very instagrammable. The store's merchandise beautifully you come in come in you pay your $40 you pick any vessel and ayour fragrance. They bring you the hot wax, you add the fragrance and mix it up. 3 hours later you come back and you pick up your completed candle. In those 3 hours you have you can stroll, eat and get ice cream at Jeni's...I highly recommend and and just visit all the beautiful and unique shops in the area. And, you are allowed to bring a adult beverage.



6 months ago

Great experience. It's $40 and a reservation is required. Give yourself 3hrs after your reservation for the candle to cure. You do everything yourself. Pick, mix and pour. The environment is upbeat and fun. I wish they had more scents, however. The vessels are super cute I went plainer however to get more candle for the buck.


Drcrys Soflyy

9 months ago

Very cute! Great experience. There are simple easy to follow directions and the staff is also willing to answer whatever questions you have. It takes 3 hours for your wax to set. You can come back later that day or even have them mailed to you ($12).