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Carolina Raptor Center: Raptor Training Encounter

Curious about how we train our birds at Carolina Raptor Center? We’ll be glad to show you. Get a behind the scenes look at how our staff trains our birds for programs and shows! During this nose-to-beak experience, help us fly our Flight Show stars, walk with a vulture, or break out the brushes and paint with one of our resident birds. There will be photo ops, so don’t forget your camera.

Length of Experience: 60 minutes
Group Size: Maximum 4 participants
Availability: May through September.

Carolina Raptor Center: Mini PhotoWILD

Fascinated by raptors and love to take pictures? Grab your camera and fly on over to the Carolina Raptor Center and schedule a photoshoot with our resident birds! For both amateur and professional photographers, each outing gives you the chance to take snapshots with at least 10 different raptors. Featuring owls, eagles and hawks, you can also snap our Flight Show raptors in free flight for some unforgettable pictures.

Length of Experience: 2 hours
Group Size: Maximum 30 participants
Availability: Call or email at 704.875.6521 ext. 210 or programs@carolinaraptorcenter.org.

Carolina Raptor Center: Private Live Bird Presentation

Want to take your visit to Carolina Raptor Center to new heights? Looking for the opportunity to get “nose to beak” with these majestic animals? Schedule a live bird presentation featuring these fascinating birds on the glove. During this private presentation, learn more about conservation, natural history, as well as the incredible nativeand exotic species that are perched right here!

Length of Experience: 45 minutes plus time to walk the Raptor Trail
Group Size:
15 minimum. No maximum.
Reservation required at least two weeks in advance. Subject to staff availability

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visit lakenorman

3 weeks ago

Some of us, not knowing what a raptor is, left learning so much more about falcons, owls, vultures, buzzards, and eagles. Its cool how big of an impact Carolina Raptor Center has; they have an international footprint, are the biggest raptor hospital in the country, and house 35 species of raptors. The volunteers are very knowledgeable. They have such an incredible mission to help wildlife. Would highly recommend for a great educational outdoor adventure.



a month ago

I'm so glad I was able to stop by. I liked walking through the paths in the woods and coming upon the enclosures. Plenty of hawks, falcons, owls and eagles to see from across the globe. Very cool place! The place serves a dual purpose of caring for injured birds while also being able to inform the public about them. It was sad to see a couple of birds trying to fly but couldn't because some of their wing had to be amputated.


Tamara Hock

a week ago

My cousin reccomended a visit to the Raptor Center. I am glad she did. What a beautiful place. The people here work hard to give a decent life to incredible birds. Their individual stories are sad. But they have found a safe home. The fact that some of the birds have given birth to young who could be released to the wild is a testament to the people who care for the birds.


David Childress

a month ago

What a wonderful place to visit and spend the afternoon. The Raptor Center is perfect for the whole family. We've been bringing our daughter since she was a toddler and still return multiple times a year to see our favorite birds and learn new things. We really appreciate the center's mission and the ability to interact and learn with these amazing birds.


Tony Hungate

2 weeks ago

Very cool large bird rescue. You can see eagles, vultures, owls, and more. Entrance is $12 per person and should take approximately one hour to walk through, longer with children that will want to stop and play often. Only 20 mins from downtown it is well worth the visit.