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Princez GeekChic

in the last week

The burgers here are amazing. Grilled to perfection with the patties seasoned great. The staff was friendly and welcoming. They were patient in explaining the food and seemed happy to be there. I can't believe I just heard about this place a few weeks ago. Definitely hoping they expand on their menu in the future, maybe subs and grilled sandwiches to go with the burgers. Great way to end a long work week


Queen Kitty (Cranky Kitty)

3 months ago

Delicious! For my first visit, I had the Romeo BBQ Bacon Burger, fries, and a chocolate shake. My husband and I split it and we both LOVED the burger and shake. They were so good! The fries were okay. We'll definitely be back. Staff was friendly and welcoming. There is a bit of a wait to receive your order, but that seems typical for most places these days, so as long as you're not in a big hurry, this is a great place to stop for a meal. I went inside and waited to get mine to go. That's probably a better option at this restaurant than the drive-through because of the time factor.


Michael Anthony LaBorde II

4 weeks ago

A for effort!! A 100% plant based fast food restaurant is a fantastic concept. Unfortunately, effort isn't the end all be all. Romeo's could, perhaps, benefit from better operational processes, taking over 15 minutes to receive my order (when I'm the ONLY person in line) defeats the purpose. Additionally, there isn't anything too special about the burgers; they use the same Beyond/Impossible meat you can get from your local grocery store with minimal to no "sprucing". Essentially, you can make they same burger from home. The chili cheese fries, on the other hand, were pretty tasty, aside from the fact that they were lukewarm. This was particularly disappointing because my order took so long to be received. My assumption for my lengthy wait was that everything was made to order; apparently, that was NOT the case. Lastly, Romeo's isn't the most cost friendly. Tallying my order of burger, fries, drink, and dessert, my order was slightly over $30. That's hardly cost effective. I give high marks for the concept and extra bonus points because it is black owned (or so I was told) but the value and service time could use some work. For the time it takes to receive your order, you could find a better plant based option for the same or less money.


Faith Mitchell

6 months ago

Visited today and loved the food! The chili cheese fries were delicious. The fries alone were good and their vegan chili was off the chain. the burger did not disappoint. The wait was long because there were a lot of people coming to enjoy the food. It may take a long time to order, but once you do, they make sure your food is made well and comes out quickly. Will be back.


Rachel Albert

2 months ago

The first time I tried Romeos was a couple years ago when they were just a food truck. To be honest I wasnt impressed. I thought the burger tasted like McDonalds; the chili cheese fries were good though. But overall I thought it was just okay and not worth all the hype or the price. I decided to try again after they opened their brick and mortar and wow, I dont know what they did differently but the food is WAY better. Burger was made with a lot of love and the cheese fries were even better than before. Its still wildly expensive (for a fast food joint) but totally worth it to splurge every once in a while. I have found the service to be efficient and friendly. So yeah, give it a try!