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N Books

a week ago

I don't typically leave reviews but I felt like I needed to. The room was more than what we expected in terms of size. The staff was really nice and polite. I did see cleaning crews cleaning every day and they seemed to be working really hard. However, the room was very dated and not as clean as I would've wanted it to be. The sheets did not look as clean but I tried not to think about that too much while I was staying there since it was technically one night . The reason why I am leaving this review is that after a long day of work, I drove for six hours before getting to this hotel. Well, after hours of driving and me and my husband needing some significant rest, the fire alarm went off twice in the middle of the night. First time was about 2:30am and it kept going for 40 minutes. I understand that emergencies happen but there was no communication from the staff and there was no one there to guide us to explain what was happening. So, we leave the building outside to be extremely cold and wait and wait (for about 20 some minutes) until the alarm goes off. We go back inside , get settled again and around 4:30am the alarm went off again !! This time it was very short but our sleep was disturbed yet again and no explanation of what was happening. After all of that there was no apologies and not even a discount for our horrible time there. Will not be coming back and do not recommend.


Ronald Rivers

5 months ago

The hotel was OK. The Pool was down for Repairs. I did use the washer/dryers and it was good. They have a small selection of items to buy in the Lobby. Under utilized and we wanted snacks. Overall clean and quiet. The property could use some TLC but it's decent



6 months ago

Do NOT stay here. I have been in my room for maybe 45 minutes and I already have to write a review. Pull out bed had stains all over it, I have to sleep on the normal couch. Walls are all peeling, very sketchy area as well. Phone service didn't work so we had to go to the front desk. I don't even want to go to sleep because I'm scared that my car is going to be broken into or something or I'ma have roaches crawling on me. Staff doesn't seem that bad but I'm definitely not trying the breakfast. Thank god I'm only staying here for one night.


Harry Baskett

5 months ago

Furniture was dirty and torn. Wallpaper was falling off. Room smelled of smoke even though it's non smoking. To top it all off, whomever stayed there before us left their key cards in the room. We put our stuff in the room and went to go get lunch. We came back and the food we had put in the fridge to cook for breakfast the next day we missing and so were the key cards. So to whichever hotel employee took our food, God bless you. I guess you needed it more than us. I'll never stay there again!


Dylan Messer

4 months ago

The front desk staff were amazing and friendly. The room couldve used some repairs since there was some water damage in the bathroom. But other than that Ive was decently clean. The pool was closed for repairs when we got there and both the booking site and their website said nothing about it being closed so we were kinda bummed out especially for the price of the room for two nights.