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Rob Smith

2 months ago

This is a pretty interesting place. I have never been here before or in this area. So with that said, I am assuming pre-COVID that this entire area was a busy/booming area. It seemed to me as if there were other bars that were attached even with an outdoor venue that was closed. Fast forward to the review I am writing about. You pull up and find a place around that has plenty of parking. Locate don the outside of the building were, I think six beach volleyball courts. This was absolutely booming and packed for my entire stay there. We did sit outside and got to watch everyone play volleyball, which was fun. To get drinks you can go inside or get it from a pass-through window. The bartenders were friendly, fast, and efficient. We did order food, which you have to go inside to order. The food taker person was efficient, and very patient while we ordered food. We ordered the pretzel, tried the vegan/plant-based bratwurst, fried pickles, chips, and salad. In regards to the food, the salad, fried pickles and chips were good. I have eaten a few bratwursts previously. Was it horrible, nope. Was it good, that would be a far stretch for me to even say that. I think it was decent at best. I thought if it was on the menu, it was different, I was going to give it a try. I think the biggest issue with it was that they use a regular type of hot dog bun on there instead of the type of bun that should be used for that meal. Overall the atmosphere was enjoyable, service was great, but the food was nothing to write home about. Do I hate it, no, but I certainly am not in complete drop-dead love with this place either.


jonathan schermerhorn

2 months ago

A review from behind the mask.... This a cool little spot. We arrived after a trip to pick the lady up from the Charlotte Airport. A short little drive took us to a packed parking lot and a view of what seemed to be a volleyball league playing on 5 courts. Nope, we didn't read anything about the place before going. Walk in, place is almost empty on the inside. All patrons we outside under the abundant shaded seats, except those playing volleyball. We ordered our beer and food. She had the brat and I had the grilled cheese. Great selection of beer and the food was on point. It is a bar....and it has the bar vibe. VBGB gets two thumbs up especially in this current day and time. Stay cool VBGB....mask review complete.


Courtney Lynn

2 months ago

I love how big the venue is and the space for the volleyball courts. They had a nice large selection of draft beer. I appreciate that dogs are allowed on the patio. I only gave it four stars due to the fact that I'm allergic to beer and they only had one cider and one seltzer. However those were decent. Overall - I would recommend and I'll definitely be back.


Isabell Wolsky

3 months ago

I've been to VBGB two Saturday afternoons now and both experiences were wonderful. The outside tables are socially distanced from one another which made me feel very comfortable. All of the employees are very nice and there is a wide drink selection as well as wonderful food. The homemade chips are top notch! I'll definitely be back.


Daniel Boyce

2 years ago

Amazing beer, great food, and even better ambience! If you are looking for a nice beer garden with a ton of different beers on tap, a great open concept indoor and outdoor seating area for intermingling, playing some outdoor games or just enjoying good company, VGBG is worth checking out. I was surprised by the quality of the food for a place that focuses mainly on beer. Though a lot of it is bar food, they have also implemented a nice fusion of German food into their menu with quality ingredients and an amazing combo with the beer. They also had some rather surprising vegetarian options like a tomato, veggie and mozzarella skewer and delicious black bean burger! We ended up deciding to cater our most recent gathering which was very well executed and all of our friends and family truly enjoyed the food and beer. We will definitely be doing it again!