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Antonette B

2 months ago

Caught them about an hour before closing- was seated immediately and happily. The staff members are excellent. The cornbread is amazing. My fried whiting was very salty so I didn't eat but 1 bite (wasted $15). My husbands Tbone steak was seasoned and cool perfectly, according to him. The sides were great. I had yams, green beans (cooked with pork), and potato salad(mustard based). My husband states the soul roll was OK....just not his thing.


Juan Johnson

3 months ago

I came here over 12 years ago with my lady (now my missus) for Valentine's day and have loved this place ever since. They treat us well and don't mind helping each other out to maintain great service. You can order anything on the menu and it's going to be delicious. My favorites are the cornbread loaves and collards.You might get an unexpected surprise of one of the theater stars coming in for a late meal because everybody knows of the incredible food and service. Enjoy and you're welcome


Pablo Reyna

a week ago

AMAZING! By far one of THE BEST restaurants Ive tried throughout my travels. AND I TRAVEL ALL THE TIME. Close walking distance to the area hotels. Near the Hornets Arena. Located in the area of the Liberty Walk and Historical markers. Red Beans and Rice is great! A good serving (more like a HUGE Serving) and value for the money. Their Carolina Chopped BBQ Sandwich is just the right amount of sweet and sour flavor that makes you happy just smelling it. At least TRY this place. The service is great - Friendly, helpful, and very attentive.


Danielle Johnson

2 months ago

Best soul food Ive had in a long time. The SHORT RIBS hit different. The Tiger Woods is nice and sweet like I expected. I have yams and collard greens as sides and have no complaints. The chicken was best with a little hot sauce. Guy ate there and so did I!


Bree b

3 months ago

Food we were able to get was okay. Their cornbread is amazing. Our server was thorough in making sure the food would be safe for us. Their menu does not include that all fried foods are fried in the same fryers. I've been to this restaurant years ago before developing a shellfish allergy. It should be listed on the menu that there is cross contamination between seafood and chicken. Otherwise the experience was good. We had no wait and service was quick once we figured out what was safe