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Kaleb Curl

a month ago

We hopped over to Jeni's after lunch at Hawkers. It's a really cool spot with lots of unusual, but fantastic flavors of ice cream. I really liked mine, and my wife loved hers too! The buttery waffle cones are really good too.



2 months ago

The potential is definitely there! I got the Milkiest Chocolate ice cream flavor with a waffle cone and the price was about $7.90. The ice cream itself had really good flavor and the texture was similar to soft serve. It wasnt too cold but also not too sweet, which is my ideal cold treat. The price is probably worth it as it was better than store brand ice creams. The waffle cone on the other hand was questionable in flavor and honestly brought down the experience for me. It tasted like burnt butter and had an overwhelming combination flavor of too salty and too sweet. I feel like it was either over cooked or the batter was a bad batch. Overall, I would go again for the ice cream alone and not the waffle cone.


jody Hice

a year ago

If you want a pint then go to a grocery store. Who would pay $12 here rather than $7 at a grocery store... I guess theyre trying to cash in on deliveries


Jim Chadwick

2 weeks ago

Very good ice cream, but the line makes it almost not worth it. I feel lucky that I only spend 10 minutes in the line. The ice cream qualities and flavors are exceptional.


Karen Sacayanan

a month ago

We went here after dinner and it was amazing. We got the wild berry lavender, honey vanilla bean, and bambleberry crisp. The flavors were just right and not too sweet. I will definitely go back to try more flavors. Also, the staff is super nice and friendly.