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10 months ago

This place is amazing and some of the best ice cream Ive ever had. To my understanding there is always a line out of the door, and I would say its worth the bill wait. The line does also move pretty quick. The gooey butter cake flavor is amazing and is also their most popular. I would totally recommend that flavor and checking out this place. Mario Kiezi wasnt lying when he said Jenis had the best ice cream


Deanna Mapes

9 months ago

Want a scrummy little treat after lunch or dinner in the Southend? Walk on in and delight in, first, the fabulous aroma of waffle cones being made; then feel the sweet tooth start to ache as you look at the different ice cream flavors they have to offer. The staff there is so good at what they do that if you tell them your favorite flavor of ice cream, they can recommend one of Jeni's flavors that is close to it...only it is so much better. Very creamy and full of flavor. The waffle bowls or cones are so fresh, they snap. A nice treat to enjoy after a meal or on a hot afternoon.



a year ago

My favorite new spot! The staff was very sweet . I ordered for the first time on Vday when I took my daughter on a date. They lady was so nice helping me pick the best flavors for us. It was great amount for the price and in a nice location. Parking may be an issue but hey a nice walk there was fine for me.


Akshat Kumar

a month ago

Its my turn to provide a glowing review to Jenis. Their ice creams are lip-smacking and hit the spot. The smooth texture and the perfect waffle cones make them even better. The close-to-uptown location makes the visit even more convenient. We got the signature size of darkest chocolate, brown butter almond brittle and salty caramel, and each flavour tasted delicious. My favorite was brown butter almond brittle. The line moves quickly, and the servers are quite polite as well. There are plenty of seats outside to enjoy the icecream. That theres almost always a line here tells you how good the icecream is, and for good reason. Parking nearby can be difficult, but if youre a pro at parallel parking on streets, it might not be a stretch to find parking. Ill be back here soon, and recommend the same to anyone else looking for a treat or to satisfy their sweet tooth.


Wanda Kemp

a month ago

The delicious smell hits you when you walk through the door. Interesting varieties of ice cream. We purchased a waffle cup with a scoop of Salty Caramel, and (I think it was Almond Butter Brittle). So, so delicious. Seating in and outdoors. Parking nearby is street only. There is no parking garage or parking lot. There are other eateries in the area.