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Paul LaGrange

in the last week

Awesome place lots of potential in the new optimist hall. Great food, excellent service from our waitress Stephanie G. Pork Belly torts was Awesome. All the staff was very pleasant and helpful. We dropped in on a Sunday afternoon between swim meet and imaginon with our son who loved the games and swing chairs. Will definitely be back. Just wished they opened sooner on Sundays as Id definitely hang out there on the way to the stadium via light rail


Liza Barroso

a week ago

The ambiance is great and this place has tons of potential. The drinks are amazing. The food is mediocre, at best. The guacamole needs salt and lime juice. The salsa was not good at all. The cheese dip was fine. We ordered tacos and I couldnt eat them. My husband even commented, Ive been married to you for 10 years and I have never seen you not eat your food at a restaurant. Please keep in mind, we eat out 2-3 times per week. I want this place to succeed, I really do, but they are going to have to step up their food game. I strongly recommend they get a grip on real Mexican food. We will come back in a few months.


Mark Andrews

in the last week

Excellent bar staff and the best cocktails I've ever had. Seems like the most important member of the bar staff was a young brunette lady with bobbed hair. She had it going on and I left her an unusually large tip! (Megan I think)... Worth trying out.


Christopher Alvarez-Pereira

a month ago

Many of the ingredients in the el Thrifty menu are sourced locally hence the name "el Thrifty." Thrifty in the Spanish language means someone who uses their resources carefully. I toured Optimist Hall on a Monday night at 8:00. I had planned to eat at one of the eateries and the last place I came upon was El Thrifty. This place is awesome, it reminded me of the authentic Mexican restaurants from my hometown San Diego but with a modern flair. The space is inviting and definitely a great first date spot or place to hang out with friends because there's plenty to see and do, it's not a typical restaurant where you eat and leave when finished. The drink selections are plentiful and the menu is not overwhelming, it's simple with tasty selections!


Charlie Thach

3 weeks ago

Cozy place with good eats/drinks. Im sure theres going to be some minor fixes along the way (as it is brand new). The vibe is a good time with a nice setup that is not overwhelming, but enjoyable and inviting.