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Dave & Buster's: Epic Fun for Everyone

Dave and Buster’s in Concord Mills is the ideal combination of good food and an even better time. The full service restaurant and entertainment facility is for kids (and adults) of all ages. Check out the 12-lane Hi-Life Bowling Lanes or the vast array of stateof-the-art virtual reality-style games and simulators for an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Length of Experience: Time varies

Group Size: No restrictions

Availability: No restrictions; group tours can be booked at dnbparty.com

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Brett Daviau

4 months ago

The two-star rating is not only because they are understaffed, this was a major problem. But the staff that were there really didnt care. Waited 25 minutes in bowling area for staff to arrive. Tried to charge $150 for 30 min of bowling. (They later reduced to the fee). One bartender visibly working for the whole place Saturday night. Had dinner, 15 minutes after ordering drinks, server says, They dont have martini stuff, and my manager wont let me serve Blue Moon because there are no bubbles and it smells bad. Maybe the worst service Ive ever had. Left before playing any games. The food, however, wasnt bad. Filthy table and floors, broken bowling alley. Maybe the video games are fun. Ill never know.


brandon dierker

a month ago

Dave and Busters has to be Started based on food and gaming. Let's start off with food. For context this was at noon on Saturday and not much of a crowd. The menu has several tasty looking options. They are quick to seat you but take 10 minutes to come take drink or food orders. Food takes a good long time to be delivered. In our case, 4 adult meals came and 10 minutes later the kids food was delivered. This didn't make the kids happy and definitely makes a meal not as enjoyable (especially when it's a simple kids burger). Food itself has a good appearance,but rather average / OK taste. Food wasn't bad, but next time I'll eat elsewhere and just come for the games. Service was friendly when you could find them. The real reason you come here....the games. The games area has a huge option of different games. All were clean and in good working order. The price per game was rather reasonable and we enjoyed playing a lot of games over two hours. 5 starts for the game. In summary, go for the games and eat elsewhere. Too many options for food around to not have a great meal.


Tasty Treat

6 months ago

I love D&B. Arcade games have always been a favorite pass time of mine. It's one of the few places I can talk my teenage son into going without much struggle. The resturant was a bit disappointing. Our waitress took forever to come by but she was very nice. They only had one other table so I am unsure of what caused the delay. Maybe it was an off day for her so don't let it discourage you if you have time to wait. Our food was very good so the cook was on top of things. We had an issue with one game but the employees manning the prize shop took very good care of us. The two young men went above and beyond to help us with the game issue. They even took the time to bring another plushie up for me when I was unhappy with the quality of the first one. We visited on 08/01/22 between 4pm and 6pm. I didn't grab names because I was distracted with it so close to the mall closing. I hope management will acknowledge their staffs hard work that night. Good job guys! I hope we can visit again soon


Shanice QC

2 months ago

I really just had a beer here. The staff is all business but a little slow of you are new. Favorites get more of the chats and service. Maybe I have to keep coming back to experience that cheerful service. Update: I wanted to try the food on my second visit. 1) Manager thought I was associated with another person that wanted to drink and eat in the pool table area. ( Excuse #1) The hostess sat me with their top server, next to the bar. It took 5 mins which isn't an issue for her to arrive. No smile. 2) Order a beer, ... Wait 5 mins.. they 4 women at the bar were on their 2 round ... The server stopped by (excuse #2) on bar tender and some person behind the bar... So I wait... Now 15 minutes have passed along with a birthday song and two more rounds for the 4 girls at the bar. 3) server saw me get up to walk to the bar and stared and went into the place where you place orders at... 4) that second person behind the bar, serves 2 couples at the bar!! 4) server floated by again... Nothing said. 5) I was leaving and spoke to the manager and flagging and then walking where he was speaking to 3 servers in the middle of the seating area. I told him that I 2as leaving, he shook my hand like I had a wonderful visit and was congratuing him!! . I told him about the 4 women with now 4 rounds of drinks and none for me. Plus the birthday song by the bar tender!! Last straw.. LAST EXCUSE .... THERE IS ONLY ONE BARTENDER!! ( I updated with bar pics) Again.. it's better to know them and go to the bar and not the bar seats. The two other servers on the floor were working their butts off!! Wow... 1) Hire more bartenders at high traffic times. 2) treat all customers equally. 3) Have the manager stop making excuses and solutions. 4) Not all black people are together!! 5) Hearing test for that manager. ( I should have checked the reviews... I assume the 5 stars are mall regulars or friends??) This has to be one of my second harshest review, but after the first one, the manager replied and acknowledged improvements.


Heather Gayle

3 months ago

What happened Dave and Busters? You used to be so fun, and delicious. Now you're just a run down forgotten dirty relic. Took over an hour to serve our drinks with only two other tables in the ENTIRE place. Staff was bored and inattentive. The game room was old. Many games had sights that were off, or just took your credits and did nothing. No attendants to be found. An absolute embarrassment of an establishment. The bathrooms were filthy, the food was overcooked. Honestly, this place just needs to close and they know it. The manager while nice, you could see was just going through the motions. So sad.