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Mando R

3 months ago

Beef N' Bottle has been a family tradition since 1990. My family would take us there as our "Special Occasion" place to go & celebrate Achievements & Birthday's. Moving forward 32 years.... Well, it's still mine, and my families place to go for the exact same reasons. Traditions are hard to come by anymore, and I am proud to share ALL my wonderful experiences with everyone I love and know! I love the fact they will make anything you want to happen...HAPPEN!! All the delicious food that is served hot, comes out piping hot! It's not sitting under some lamp waiting to be brought to your table. The service has always been custom to the table. I hope they don't mind me sharing that you can bring your own bottle of wine for a cork fee, and a delicious dessert for your Birthday! German Chocolate!! I LOVE that!!! We will continue to celebrate, for hopefully another 32 years!


Shantell Kelty

6 months ago

I was told the food at this restaurant was amazing....I am still waiting to be amazed. Not sure what was supposed to be good or amazing about the food but I did not have it nor what I tasted off my husband plate was amazing. Although he loved it and recommended the restaurant. I would not go back nor would I recommend. The food was alright (and that's being nice)....definitely not worth the prices.


Katlyn Anderson

a month ago

After hearing so much about this place, my friends and I decided to check it out for a birthday dinner. The steaks were great and the pork belly appetizer was wonderful. The downfall of the experience was the service. Our waters were rarely refilled. Our server forgot to bring out a cake we ordered, twice. When we asked for sauces for the fries, the server forgot and didn't come back until the fries were cold and we had to remind them. If the service was better, it would've easily been a 5 star experience.


Matthew Filter

11 months ago

I am hesitant to leave a less than stellar review, but my party of four left very disappointed after our Saturday evening reservation. We had been very excited to visit Beef and Bottle, and we were in town for a special occasion. We were seated right next to the kitchen, and there was constant movement in and out, lots of noise, light, and banging on the walls next to our table. The main issue we faced was inferior service. Our server seemed to be assigned to two different rooms, so she disappeared for up to 20-25 minutes at a time. Drinks were constantly left empty. The food was delivered by someone else; she did not check in on the food at all. At one point of being MIA, we had to order dessert through the busboy. She was very nice, and was clearly busy, but we were constantly neglected and felt the level of service we received did not match the reputation of Beef and Bottle as well as the price. At no time did she apologize, or attempt to explain the obviously poor service. Our food was well prepared and delicious, but for $350 for four people, I expected a higher level of service. I hope next time they do better.


Mary Margaret Johnstone

a year ago

Food is great as usual but service was a bit slower than normal.