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Jordan Slomianyj

3 months ago

Absolutely fantastic food! Highly recommend. The Korean fried chicken , it was the best I have ever eaten! Our server was great! I dont remember her name but she was short and always had a great smile! I really liked the vibe here it was Tokyo meets rocker bar! There are really cool graphics on the walls and the booth chairs are very stylish. I also liked how there was Japanese newspaper framed on the table tops. I will definitely be back.


Vanessa K

8 months ago

This place is overall delicious but I wish they would make their vegetarian dishes without chicken stock or meat juices. It would make sense. Its what has kept us from coming back regularly because the curry was so great until we found that out... I do appreciate that they can switch out most meat dishes for tofu instead! I hope they promote it more because that has been the best.


Brianna Dimino

5 months ago

Our server Megan was amazing! There were items that we werent familiar with, and she was very knowledgeable of all the menu items & gave great recommendations. We were in town visiting & she also mentioned the hawkers that was local to our area! We had no clue it was even there.. This was our first time here and the food was amazing. They played good music, all the staff was friendly, and what a fun vibe ! I highly recommend checking it out


Veronica Romero

3 months ago

Love the food here! I have always gotten something that I enjoy, especially the beef noodle dish I think it's going to be my go-to meal here. The service is pretty good, but the atmosphere definitely sells it! Our server, Shannon, was AMAZING! She let us know about the specials and some of her favorite dishes. It made our ordering process easier.


mo peo

3 months ago

Every time I come here the food is AMAZING!!!! The servers are always happy and ready to serve. Josue ESPECIALLY has given me the all time best and consistent service. He is very sweet and attentive to all of the needs of the customer. I am never disappointed when I come but I always know its going to be a perfect night when he is assigned to be my waiter. Keep up the good work and thank you!!!!!